Vagina Monologues 2014 Is Here!

Vagina Monologues 2014


Eve Ensler’s award winning play, The Vagina Monologues, is coming to the University of South Carolina on Valentine’s weekend!

Friday, 2/14/2014 at 8:00 p.m.
Saturday, 2/15/2014 at 8:00 p.m.
Sunday, 2/16/2014 at 8:00 p.m.

We will be, as always, in the Law School auditorium (701 S. Main St, USC, Columbia, SC).

This year’s production will also include a silent auction showcasing work from local artists and donations from local businesses.

All money raised will be going to Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands. They provide FREE services to survivors of sexual trauma, their friends, and family right here in the Midlands.

Come see a GREAT show and support an EVEN GREATER cause!

Tickets will be $10 for students and $12 for everyone else–though on Valentine’s Day, couples can get in for $20!


Raising a Voice about Youth Homelessness

It’s now Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and we’re finally posting the remaining few of our “Why I Am Rising” video series. After some ongoing technical difficulties, the final videos will be released to the public over the next couple of weeks.

And while we had initially hoped to get them all out before opening night of The Vagina Monologueswe’re now grateful that they can be a part of raising awareness of domestic and seuxal violence during Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Rising to end violence is not a one-time thing that only coincides with the month of February. Instead, rising must continue until something like Sexual Assault Awareness Month is no longer necessary.

So we hope you enjoy and are inspired by the amazing words and experiences of our remaining video participants!

In this “Rising” video, author Janna McMahan describes how research for her newest novel, Anonymity, revealed to her the startling connections between youth homelessness and abuse/violence. And that’s one of the reasons she’s rising.

Speak out. Break the silence. End the violence.

Making a New Story

In the newest edition of V-Day USC’s One Billion Rising video project, Alexis Stratton (co-director of the 2013 production of The Vagina Monologues at USC) asks us to imagine a world without sexual or domestic violence–and to make it happen.

Join us in making [a new] story—a story of life, not death, of healing, not hurting, of limitless possibilities, and not endless limitations, of people and communities joining together, not being torn apart.  We are standing up.  We are raising our voices.  We are one billion rising.


Making Change Happen–One Show at a Time

Final amounts are in! We just sent off a check to the V-Day Foundation last week for $707.73 and took a check to Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands for $6,795.55. Thank you to everyone who came out and saw the show, donated money, and participated in our silent auction!

A BIG thank you to all of the businesses and individuals who sponsored us and/or donated to the silent auction, including:

drip coffee
Cycle Center
Pet Supplies Plus
Papa Jazz
Natural Vibrations
Café Strudel
Cool Beans
S&S Art Supply
Sid & Nancy
Café Caturra
Elite Framing
Good for the Sole
reSLICEd Jewelry
Historic Columbia Foundation
Gina Langston Brewer
Amanda Ladymon
Deana Rennick

And a MASSIVE thank you to our incredible cast. We couldn’t have done it without you, ladies!

Keep an eye out for our ongoing One Billion Rising projects, and otherwise, see you all next year!

Why I Rise: From the US to Bangladesh

As a part of our One Billion Rising video project, Kristin, a graduate student, explains how her experience working in violence prevention both locally and abroad has shaped her desire to rise up and end violence against women. Listen to her story here, and be inspired.

Let the rising continue.

One Billion Rising: The Movement Continues

On February 14, 2013, Eve Ensler sought to bring one billion people together to protest violence against women in all its forms. But our movement is far from over, and violence in our communities continues every day.

As we continue to take a stand against violence, I encourage you to be inspired by the “Why I Am Rising” videos made by those in our community. We asked members of the USC and Columbia communities to tell us why they’re rising to end violence against women. This series of videos records their impassioned and insightful responses.

Be inspired. And know that while they’re all-stars in our eyes, they’re not so unlike you. Every one of us can stand up. Every one of us can make a difference.

We are one billion rising.

The first video of this series features Zac Baker, a fourth-year Visual Communications student at USC. His words remind us that we are all responsible for ending violence against women in our communities.

The Vagina Monologues at the University of South Carolina, Feb. 15-17 at 8 p.m.

Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 4.53.16 PM

Tickets can be purchased online via PayPal (see “Tickets” above) or at the door.

You may also reserve tickets at the V-Day open mic event on Feb. 7 at Conundrum or in front of the Russell House starting the week of Feb. 13-17.

Don’t miss out on our Silent Auction, taking place from 7:00-8:00 p.m. before each show! There’s a great selection of items from local businesses and artists, including…

Gift cards from:
drip coffee
Cycle Center
Pet Supplies Plus
Papa Jazz
Natural Vibrations
Café Strudel
Cool Beans
S&S Art Supply
Sid & Nancy
Café Caturra

Pupcakes Puppy Birthday Package ($100 value)
Framed Funky Chicken by Ernest Lee (Donated by Elite Framing)
Pair of Rainbow Flip Flops from Good for the Sole
A handmade necklace from reSLICEd Jewelry
Historic Columbia Foundation Gift Package (including a yearlong membership and passes)
Original cross-stitch projects with quotes from the show (you have to see it to believe it)
Original art by Gina Langston Brewer, Amanda Ladymon, and Deana Rennick
…and more!

NOTE: Yes, our University’s acronym causes confusion!  For information about V-Day at the OTHER USC (University of Southern California), see this article or visit their facebook event page.


Today we rise in honor of all women and girls who have faced violence the world over.  We are one billion rising. Stand up, speak out, dance, sing, write, tell your stories, and celebrate!

As part of this celebration and uprising, we invited one of our cast members to contribute a poem responding to the One Billion Rising movement. Enjoy her work and reflection below, and join the rising.


A poem by Leah Taylor


Rising is a notion.

It is a movement.

It is more than just a verb or motion.

It is a way of life.

A process.

A process in where voices are heard,

And hearts are uplifted.

Stories are told,

And souls are moved.

And tears are shed.

Stories begin to unfold

And truths are told.

When winds blow and feet shuffle to run forward.

Forward towards the light of change.

Forward towards the unchained breaths of freedom that were once unreachable.

Forward towards women empowerment and strengthening arms,

Arms that reach for one another to pull people from all across the world, promoting Diversity and Equality!

Arms reaching for love that once was never there.

Arms reaching for you and me,

For children who couldn’t see nor speak.

For their voices are ringing and calling out for us to reach the fallen and deserted.

The stumbles and falls that once had us bound by our assaulters and abusers.

For no longer will the power lie in their hands.

But now we will RISE.

RISE with revitalizing power, and Dignity.

To reclaim our Beauty which forever shined in us and around us.

Now is the time to lift our hands and feet.

Raise our Voices, and let our words be heard.

Now is the time…

That we must…


Artist’s Reflection

I wrote this poem, which is a piece that spoke to me… one night after rehearsal for the play, The Vagina Monologues. As I was reminiscing on the powerful experience from each rehearsal of the play, my thoughts, emotions, and beliefs began to intersect and this poem is what spewed out of my soul.

I believe in equality. I believe in art. For I am an artist, and art surrounds us all. It is what we breathe and live. The promotion of art and using my voice to speak up against violence against women, and using poetry as a form of empowerment to encourage and influence women all of the world fulfills something inside of me. I have utilized poetry to promote the arts and to voice my ideals and beliefs on various topics pertaining to human diversity, awareness of domestic violence, importance of spirituality, prevention of sexual assault, and other important conflicts that continue to arise in today’s society. I am an advocate for young women and young children, especially those who cannot speak, who cannot tell their story. I am their voice! For through various forms of art and artists—through poets, painters, dancers, musicians, actors, singers, etc.—we as women can grow and utilize our many talents to embrace our differences, support each other, share our unique and powerful stories, stand up against discrimination, sexism, racism, and all the barriers that try to prevent us from becoming the empowered, strong, and beautiful women that we were are called to be.

The Vagina Monologues is a play that every women should see and experience. It is more than a play, it is a movement that is bigger than us, bigger than the actors, bigger that audience. It is a powerful movement of women taking steps towards change. Now is the time for us to unify and take a stand. In all of us lies greatness and uniqueness. I will stand for the rights of women. I will stand for abused young children. I will stand for the fallen. I will RISE! Will you?

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One Billion Rising

Today is the day!  We are rising across the world to take a stand against violence against women.  Join us–we are one billion rising.

Find out why some of our cast members are rising in this guest blog post for Jasper Magazine, written by cast member and historian Jennifer Whitmer Taylor.


The “Angry Vagina” Speaks

In this guest blog post, this year’s “Angry Vagina,” Wanda Jewell, shares with Jasper Magazine why she loves The Vagina Monologues and, like the rest of the cast, can’t wait for this year’s performances.

Read her post here and come see Wanda  perform this Fri.-Sun. at 8 p.m. at the Law School Auditorium.